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The main focus of this blog is to write about YourMandarin Chinese classes and organized events and all the cool things that are related to China. Our blog page will be regularly updated, so you can contact us by sending us a message and share with us what you think. I will be very happy with any comments and new ideas for my writings.This blog is a way to share our experience and make it useful for those who are planning to come to China.

Learn Chinese in China

Daily Chinese Conversation - How to take a Taxi in China

sī jī : nǐ hǎo , qù nǎ lǐ ?


Driver: Hello! Where are you going?

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Chinese idioms - Yi Gu Zuo Qi learn mandarin in China

During the Warring States period, the powerful state of Qi dispatches troops to attack the state of Lu. King of Lu leads his troops personally, ready to battle it out."The Qi army is ready to attack us. I order you all to get ready to fight back!" "Your Majesty, now it is not opportune to fight back. I suggest we wait a moment."...

study Chinese in China

Chinese idioms - Le Bu Si Shu lebusishu

Story: At the later stage of the Three Kingdoms Period,the kingdom Wei took possession of the kingdom Shu.Liu Chan, the young king of Shu,was forced to move to Luoyang, the capital of Wei.One day, Wei's general Sima Zhao invited Liu Chan to a banquet.At the banquet, he specially ordered Shu dance performance....

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Huayan Temple Dragon Boat Festival Celebration

An activity of Chinese Traditional and Buddhism was hold by Huayan Temple in Chongqing for celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival on 23rd June. Some foreign teachers of SISU, CQIPA(Chongqing Investment Promotion Association) and YourMandarin language training institute with international students were invited in....

Chinese mandarin schools in China

YourMandarin organize students to watch the New Year Sichuan Opera

The New Year Chuan Opera Art Evening was hold by Chongqing Foreign Experts Bureau on 16th,Dec. More than 650 foreign experts who are studying or working in Chongqing saw the brilliant show together.

YourMandarin was invited by Chongqing Foreign Experts Bureau as well. With our students, ....

study Chinese in China

Traditional Chinese Mahjong activity

Last Saturday, the 23rd of July, YourMandarin and our students were invited to a Mahjong competition held by Chongqing International Club.

The mahjong event was deviled into two parts. The first part was teaching: our teachers and some stuff of International Club taught the mahjong rules for foreigners;...