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411 bridges in Chongqing to receive examination in 2011

2011-07-27 17:28:34

411 bridges in Chongqing to receive examination in 2011
Monitoring sensors have been installed on the night-brilliant Yangtze River Bridge of Caiyuanba, Chongqing recently.

According to Chongqing Municipal Administration Commission, monitoring sensors have been installed on bridges like Huanghuayuan Bridge and Dafosi Bridge to effectively check the "physique" of bridges in Chongqing. Sensors will be able to record data of bridges under all kinds of states in time and then transmit data back to the general monitoring center. The bridge monitoring system will make analysis of data automatically and conclude the safety condition of bridge structure. Since March 2011, Chongqing has started "physical examination" for bridges in entire Chongqing and a total of 411 bridges will be examined in 2011.

The article was first published in CQNews.


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