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Chinese Calligraphy Activity July,2013

Learn mandarin in China | YourMandarin

The former president of France Chirac said: “In China, Calligraphy is the art of art.” In the afternoon of July 29th, YourMandarin Chinese Language Institute co-hosted a “Chinese Calligraphy Activity” lecture with JinXuan Painting, and some students of YourMandarin attended.The students are from Sweden, Germany, Mexico, Netherland and other countries. We’d like to share the Chinese concepts and techniques of art, so that the foreigners will have a deeper understanding of China and Chinese culture.

This activity had three parts. First of all, JinXuan Painting gave a performance of Kungfu Tea. From this part, students learned much about Gongfu Tea, and everyone showed their interest in it. A Mexico student said:” I love Chinese tea not only because of its incredible taste, but also because it helps me to keep fit.”

After the performance of Kungfu Tea, the owner of JinXuan Painting introduced some Chinese painting in detail. One German student told us that he didn’t understand why Chinese artists love lotus, bamboo or monkey so much. However, the owner’s introduction let him knew that those paintings expressed artists’ wishes, and paintings were the metaphors of reality.

The third part, the most important part, was Calligraphy. One of our teachers showed the students some simple strokes and the basic skills of Calligraphy, and let students practiced by themselves. Our teachers helped them to write their own names and counties, also some simple lucky-words. Every student concentrated their attention on the first ”masterpiece”, and finally achieved their “masterpiece” .