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Chongqing tourism revenue hits 2.5 bln yuan in New Year holiday

2012-01-04 15:41:48

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Chongqing tourism revenue hits 2.5 bln yuan in New Year holiday
Chongqing received 4.7692 million visitors from home and abroad and obtained revenue of 2.575 billion yuan during the New Year holiday, according to Chongqing Holiday Office on January 3, 2012.

The one-day visit to Yuzhong District is the most popular during the 3-day holiday. Yuzhong District received 3.023 million visitors on one-day visit, up 12.5% year on year.

Eight tourist attractions, famous as "Clubs of One-million Visitors", receive a total number of 95,900 visitors, up 14.38% and create tourism revenue of 10 million yuan, up 18.6%. "Clubs of One-million Visitors" refers to those tourist attractions with more than 1 million visitors every year.

In addition, star-rated hotels also embrace abundant guests. The average occupancy rate of the star-rated hotels in Chongqing reaches 50.27% during the New Year holiday, realizing an increase of 6.18%.

The article was first published in CQNews.


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