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Corporate Training Course

Tailor-made to your Chinese needs and your company’s specific training directives, our corporate programs are delivered with world-beating results.

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In order to meet the increasing demand of international and domestic companies, Your Mandarin offers Business Mandarin Courses. We specialize in tailoring the Business Mandarin Courses to each student's specific needs. We are also happy to adapt to company-specific needs and requests.

YourMandarin recognizes the fact that cross-cultural communication plays a important role in daily business operations. Therefore proper Chinese cultural and business etiquette will be added into the Business Training Course.

YourMandarin has successfully provided high-quality and professional service to employees of several well-known international companies, such as ABB, Liberty insurance, Ford, Johnson Controls, and British Consulate-General Chongqing etc.

Training Course:

For the purpose of helping students acquire business communication skills in a relatively short time frame, YourMandarin provides training courses based on business conversation.

Teaching Materials:

The selection of teaching materials is based on the students' current mandarin level, together with personalized demand and company-specific needs. All the teaching materials can be purchased with YourMandarin.

Time and Location:

YourMandarin offers 1 on 1 private and small group courses, according to students' needs and company-specific request. Both the meeting times and duration of the specific courses are completely flexible.

We are also flexible about the location of the course. We can comfortably offer classes at either of our location or at your company.

Study report and Certificate

By the end of training course, our qualified teachers will award each student a final Mandarin learning evaluation and a certificate.

Tuition Fees

The specific tuition fees is varied based on the training period, class time, and student amount (1 on 1 , or group).

Our Work Schedule

Step 1---Student Needs Analysis

Firstly, if the company has a specific group mandarin training goal in mind, our course consultant will visit the company to make sure we are all clear on the outcome. Specifically, the consultant needs to be clear about the current employees' Mandarin level and the goals that the company wants to be achieved for the employees via the training course. According to the basic information, Your Mandarin will present you with a specific training recommendation.

Secondly, if the training is just for an individual employee, this step would be skipped.

Step 2---Mandarin Level Test & First Meet

Once the training recommendation is agreed on, our consultant will give a short language test for each potential student to ascertain their current Mandarin level. The arrangement of the course content will be fine-tuned to the students' Mandarin level.

In addition, our teacher and the individual students will have about 30 minutes to get to know each other. During this time, students will have an opportunity to directly express their needs for the course.

Step 3---Course Design

Based on the test results and the students' needs, our consultant and teacher will design the most suitable course content and structure for each student. The time and location of the class will also be designed for clients at this time.

Step 4---Teacher Arrangement

A proper teacher will be selected for the specific course and class time.

Step 5---10 hours of free trial

We offer the new student 10 free hours in 2 weeks. In the 10 free hours, students will learn the some basic Mandarin expressions, such as polite expressions, numbers, time, ordering menu, taking taxi and asking for help. Student input is also welcome. The course content and teaching methods in the 10 free hours can of course be adjusted, according to students' recommendation and needs.

Step 6---Sign the Contract

If the students and the company agree to accept the course after the above 5 steps, we will sign the contract.

Step 7---Course Track Service

Each class has an attendance record. Teachers will provide students with learning evaluations at regular intervals. Students are always welcome to give feedback about teachers' teaching quality.

Besides, the course consultant will also participate in the training course, in order to supervise the teachers' teaching.

Step 8---Learning Evaluation

In the beginning, middle and the end of training course, we will give students short tests in order to judge their current level. The teacher will then give the written learning advice report for each student.

Note: The above work schedule is our standard. If there is a need, some adjustment to it is acceptable.

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