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Chongqing cuisine

Chongqing cuisine is very spicy and is known for its creative new dishes with various materials. Also called Yu cuisine, Chongqing cuisine is a branch of Sichuan cuisine which is the leader of the four major cuisines of China. It has various styles and tastes. There are over 30 cooking methods, above 4,000 dishes, more than 20 tastes and over 10 flavors. The representative dishes are Chongqing hotpot, boiled fish, boiled fish with pickled vegetable, old duck soup, hot and sour rice noodles, spicy chicken, Quanshui chicken, etc, among which hotpot is most famous.

What to eat   >>


Hotpot - is the most famous and favorite dish in Chongqing. Chongqing local people consider the hotpot a local specialty.


Chongqing Dish

famous for its spicy & hot taste,inexhaustible creation and variety with materials


Chongqing Snack

Chongqing snack with over 200 kinds enjoy wide varieties, excellent cooking progress and delicious tastes.

Where to eat   >>


Local Resteraunt

Chongqing resteraunts in the mountainous city are the best choice to taste the authentic Chongqing dishes.


Food Street

As the most famous food street of Chongqing, Bayi Road Food Street is located in Jiefangbei shopping center which is the most flourishing place.

foreign restaurant in Chongqing

Foreign Restaurant

The more and more open Chongqing is increasingly attractive in the world. Therefore, don't worry about finding good foreign restaurants.

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