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Food Street

Food Street

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As the most famous food street of Chongqing, Bayi Road Food Street is located in Jiefangbei shopping center which is the most flourishing place in Chongqing. With a total length of 205m, it boasts many famous-brand flavor restaurants like Mountain City Small Tangyuan (glutinous rice balls), Zhengdong Dandanmian (a kind of noodles), Sixiangcun, Wangyazi (a kind of duck), Wuchaoshou (a kind of wonton), Gaodouhua (a kind of Tofu pudding), 141 Hot Pot, etc. Lao Zihao (old brands), Xin Zihao (new brands), traditional Sichuan cuisine, new style Sichuan cuisine, hot pot and several hundred kinds of snacks are all available in the street. In addition, you can also enjoy Hunan rice noodles, Cantonese cuisine and MacDonald here.

There are two groups of sculptures at the two ends of the Food Street respectively. One is called "cool"--- a barebacked dock porter, covered with sweat, is waving a cattail leaf fan in his hand while eating hot pot. The other one is called "vigor", describing three fashionable and pretty girls to reflect the enterprising spirit of Chongqing people.


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