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Chinese Culture Course

This Mandarin Chinese course is designed to give you a deeper understanding of Chinese culture. China is one of the four ancient civilizations of the world (alongside of Babylon, India and Egypt). It possesses vast geographic expanse, 3,600 years of written history, as well as rich and profound Chinese culture. Many aspects of Chinese culture can be traced back to centuries ago. Chinese culture is so diverse and unique, yet harmoniously blended, and presenting an invaluable asset to the world. Learning Chinese culture will help you broaden your views and increase your knowledge about China. Now many people try to learn Chinese, and Chinese culture is an important part of Chinese learning. Chinese culture lessons here can let you know more about the long history of China, customs in China, arts of China and so on. Chinese teachers here are all professionals and possess the idea of "Individualized Instruction" which emphasizes not only the facilitation of learners to learn better by incorporating different ways to create various language learning experiences, but also better preparation and design of Chinese culture lessons, so you can experience customized Chinese culture lessons that have been prepared and designed for you.


Chinese Culture Course

Course Description As we all know, there is a big difference between Chinese and Western Cultures. We are eager to share the 5000 years of brilliant Chinese culture with friends from all over the world. We hope to create an oasis in Chongqing for expatriates seeking to improve their mandarin and Chinese culture enthusiasts to freely share and exchange ideas with each other.
Course Subjects Learning chinese culture including Chinese literature, popular legend, idiom, custom, handwriting, traditional Chinese painting and tea ceremony.
Course Schedule Sunday afternoon , 20 hours in total
Fee 1,800 RMB
Class Size less than 3 students