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Business Mandarin Course

This course is aimed at expanding Mandarin proficiency in business activities and expanding the student's knowledge about business in China. Here you will learn a lot about various current events in the world of business and all the related communication skills. A brief introduction of Chinese society, culture, and customs will also be addressed to help students receive a comprehensive understanding of the Chinese economy.

This course contains 8 levels of Preliminary, Intermediate and Advanced business lessons.

Preliminary business courses consist of 3 levels with 100 class hours, designed for business people who know little or no Mandarin to begin with. Upon completion of the courses, students will receive initial communication knowledge in a business manner and essential language skills for commercial activities.

Intermediate business courses consist of 2 levels with 80 class hours. Upon completion, students will be able to deal with daily work with fluent Mandarin and arrange business activities much more easily.

Advanced business courses consist of 3 levels with 180 class hours. Upon completion, students will acquire a deeper understanding of Chinese society and economy via group discussions on hot and sensitive topics covering Chinese and the world’s economic situation, and grasp plenty of concrete business terms and phrases to make your business Chinese professional.

business Chinese program

Our teaching materials consist of three volumes: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. The volume of Basic is further divided into three books, and the Advanced consists of three books as well.

It is suitable for the EU-China Managers Exchange and Training Programme takers and other learners of business Chinese without any Chinese learning experience. It depicts the business activities of several overseas businessmen and reveals the business scenes in real life.

It is devoted to the training of four basic communication skills, namely listening, speaking, reading and writing, in an effort to develop learner's Chinese communicative competence for business in real life. It features a wide range of topics, information and exercises and attaches equal importance to both practice in language structures and business communication.