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Conversational 1-ON-1 20

1-on-1 Conersational course is the most flexible option and suited to your special requirement.

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Highly effective study methods and tailor-made curriculum are combined to form the backbone of our Conversational 1-ON-1 course, which adopts targeted and personalized teaching strategies to meet any academic demand.

Our professional private tutors focus on your actual needs and study interests, and you can arrange a weekly timetable of anything from 10 to 30 lessons at your convenience.

Course features
      4 lessons a day from Monday to Friday
      20 Chinese language lessons a week
      Learn real-life conversational skills
      Learning pace and content are both in accordance to your requests
      50 minutes per lesson
      Half day class, half day rest
      1-6 months duration
      Free coffee,tea and Wifi
      Certificate upon completion
      Flexible course starting time
      Available for Conersational Mandarin,Business Mandarin,HSK Preparation

Course Schedule

08:30-09:20Review & Vocabulary
10:10-10:20Class break

For any other enquiries please contact