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Conversational Mandarin Course

Conversational Mandarin Courses are designed to help students improve their language skills for effective communication in everyday Chinese. This course contains 8 levels in total, covering beginner, intermediate and advanced materials. Materials are chosen from renowned publishers worldwide to cater specifically to the needs of expatriates living in China.

Beginner course is a foundation course for anyone who can speak and understand simple Mandarin to grasp Chinese from basic and learn to speak, read and write Chinese at the same time.It consists of 3 levels with 50 class hours and about 800 vocabularies each. At this level, the focus is to familiarize with Pin Yin, and thus better able to participate in everyday conversation in Mandarin. Upon completion of the beginner level courses, students will be able to conduct simple daily conversations.

Intermediate course is a refresher course for anyone who has completed local secondary school Chinese (or equivalent) and would like to brush up his / her Chinese for higher learning or workplace.It consists of 3 levels with 60 class hours each, which focuses on expatriates' day-to-day life in China. Upon completion of the courses, students will be able to employ appropriate expressions and compose complex sentences and paragraphs. The goal is to enable students to express personal opinions and conversing with locals fluently on selected topics.

Advanced course is specially designed for those who would like to master Chinese language for higher learning or to take up professions that require a good command of Chinese.It consists of 2 levels with 60 class hours each, which helps students to expand their vocabulary to accurately express themselves and strive to reach native-speaker fluency.

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Each of the courses consists of 4 sections, namely Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Grammar. If you want to improve any of these sections after completing your courses, you can still proceed with an individual plan. In addition, YourMandarin will provide the corresponding teaching materials to further assist your learning experience.

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