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Intensive Chinese Courses

Intensive Courses have been carefully designed with just one thing in mind; to help you with your goal to master Mandarin as quick and effective as possible.

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Do you think Chinese is a difficult language to learn?

At YourMandarin, we are certainly aware of the challenges our students may face, from our experience, then through our unmatched teaching staff and updated learning materials, you will find Mandarin is not so difficult and you will be speaking Chinese before you know it!

Our intensive courses have been carefully designed from the ground-up, basing the curriculum and personal teaching approach around modern pedagogy methods and the valuable feedback recieved from our countless students, teachers and education department.

Conversational Gourp 20

4 interactive group classes every morning focusing on practical Chinese conversational skills and giving you the rest of the day to practice what you learnt in your own time.

Conversational Combine 20+5

Group class combined with 1-ON-1 class. A great choice to learn the communication essentials of Chinese pinyin, listening and speaking skills.

Comprehensive Group 30

Cover listening, speaking, reading and writing; the 4 building blocks of language learning and build a strong foundation to master your Chinese skills!

Conversational 1-ON-1 20

1-on-1 Conersational course is the most flexible option and suited to your special needs.

Long-term Chinese

Make the most of your time in China and achieve your Chinese goals for career or study!