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Our mode of teaching

The frequently employed teaching mode in YourMandarin is one-on-one class and one-on-two class. Compared with large-scale classes in universities, our class enjoys the advantage that teachers can design courses according to a student's Chinese level and his or her needs. Additionally, easy interaction with teachers and situational dialogues are often adopted creating an active atmosphere. Apart from the textbooks used by most TCSL teachers,we provide extra teaching materials according to the demands of every student. We decide on the best teaching mode from abundant teaching experience, and we believe that students can easily apply what they have learned to daily use. We feel this is the most efficient way to study Chinese.

Our Location

Yuzhong District is the central district and heart of Chongqing municipality. It is the capital of the municipality and is also the political, economic, and entertainment center of the city of Chongqing. The central portion of Yuzhong is the Jiefangbei CBD, the premier business and financial center of western China. Located here, YourMandarin enjoys the great convenience of being able to study in Chongqing's biggest shopping and entertainment district.

Teaching Environment

Bathed in the authentic Chinese culture of YourMandarin, Students have a relaxed and comfortable environment for learning Mandarin. Besides Chinese Pu Erh tea, students can also have a cup of coffee or lemonade while enjoying the splendid river view here.

Our Activity

We organize a variety of activities, like enjoying chadao(tea ceremony)、taking in the charm of Chinese calligraphy、playing mahjong、travelling around Chongqing, etc. Students are also welcome to give suggestions on where they would like to go and what they would prefer to learn about.